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Animation finally.

2017-03-20 02:35:33 by fauzan1234



2016-08-14 12:00:31 by fauzan1234

I don't know what to write

help a bro out!

2016-07-03 13:02:19 by fauzan1234

How do you update your state Because i Don't live in texas no more

And it confuses someone about my last post



2016-07-03 10:58:10 by fauzan1234

Man, Newground is blocked from my country BUT I AM BACK


2015-03-24 04:21:28 by fauzan1234

tits and asses

god damn

2015-01-28 08:05:56 by fauzan1234

my friend and i tried to make animation well it turn out bad the animation last for like 5 seconds and still 

got nothing i have been here for 2 years and still i got nothing

I'm not

2014-11-22 07:28:52 by fauzan1234

im not gay guys keep messaging me if im gay well im not if there is a guy who thinks im gay look it up.people keep commenting this on my youtube channel and icant even count all the guys who ask me if im gay

their commet is like

kiss my ass you gay fuck IM ONLY SAYING THIS TO GET ATTENTION!!!!!

dude are you gay!!!

haha gay 

haaaah ggggggaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

suck my dick fag

and most i hate is this comment he said 

can i be your boyfriend?? :D

I will fight

2014-11-02 09:56:24 by fauzan1234

I will never give up on newground an on my buddies(sorry I haven't blogged for a while cause I was in Paris) I will stay here till the end of my day 


love you guys


im thinking

2014-09-21 10:47:38 by fauzan1234

should i leave newground.yes or no ???


2014-09-20 12:22:58 by fauzan1234

 silent sam is my first friend and my best friend i ever had. i should have been ther for him well i couldnt do nothing by writing this post so lets hope he get better soon as my time will end soon 

rest easy my friend im gonna be in my home wishing u to feel better again